SEPTEMBER 23: Earthquakes are a problem for all of North America. Read Kathryn's special dispatch for the Globe and Mail: "The tragic truth: We’re not prepared for earthquakes."


SEPTEMBER 21: "The Mexico City Earthquake is a Warning for Americans."  Read Kathryn's Op/Ed for Time


SEPTEMBER 14: "How Man-Made Earthquakes Could Cripple the US Economy."  Kathryn's new story for Politico. 


AUGUST 28: Great coverage of the Quakeland in the Wall Street Journal. Reviewer Gerald Helferich writes, "Does [Kathryn Miles] succeed in shaking us out of our complacency? I will confess that, although I don’t live in a seismic hot zone, the day I finished reading “Quakeland” I found myself in a grocery store stocking up on bottled water." Read the full review here


AUGUST 27: Kathryn sits down with Simon Worrall of the National Geographic to talk about seismic hazard, preparedness, and why we may never be able to predict the next big quake. Click here for the full interview. 


AUGUST 18: "One of the surprises for me was how little is known about what happens deep inside the earth. We know very little about what causes earthquake to happen," Kathryn tells the Christian Science Monitor. Check out the full interview on their webpage. 


AUGUST 17: Time magazine calls Quakeland "The Fall Book That Will Take Your Mind Off Politics."  Read the full review here